Roblox Robux Generator: How to Get Free Robux (2020)

Since 2007 Roblox has been the platform for gamers by gamers. Whether you develop games or enjoy playing them, the Roblox Robux Generator platform is where you want to be. To experience what the platform has to offer you will need to accrue some Robux, the online currency of the platform.

Whilst you could take the easy route and buy Robux with real money, there are plenty of ways to increase your moola for free, by using a free hack for Robux.

Roblox Robux Generator

Before we scour the net in search of a Roblox hack for Robux, let’s see how we can increase our currency on the platform.

Roblox Robux Generator

Upgrade Your Avatar

If money is no issue to you, then you can acquire more Robux by upgrading your avatar and purchasing buying it with real money. Whilst this is the quickest and simplest solution, it is by no means the only way to get yourself free Robux.

Now that the easy part is out of the way let us look at a Roblox hack for Robux.

Roblox Billing Hack

The first hack generator which will shower you in free Robux is found on the billing page of your account. Navigate to settings in the top right of your page, and then go to “billing”. Scroll down to where you see your current balance and click “convert to Robux”.

Wait a few seconds and you should see your current balance increase by a few Robux. If you just needed a few to Robux to keep playing your favorite game, you should be set to continue. If you are after more Robux then keep reading.

Roblox Promo Codes

As we continue our search for free Robux, we don’t need to move away from the platform. The next Roblox hack to increase your Robux is to make use of the free promo code feature.

Step 1: Navigate to Promo Code Page

In your browser type in and navigate to the page. Enter your promo code and click redeem. You should receive a message at the bottom of the page saying “invalid promo code”.

Step 2: Click on Gift Cards Link

When you see the invalid promo code on the promo code page you need to navigate to the gift card section. This link can be found on the left-hand navigation bar.

Step 3: Click Redeem Now

Now, navigate to the gift cards page you need to look for the green redeem now button. Click the button, to move to the next step in your quest for free Robux.

Step 4: Redeem Roblox Cards

Now, you should be on the page which allows you to redeem Roblox cards. Type in the same code used in step 1 and click redeem. You will be asked to verify yourself, to prove that you are not a bot. Once the verification process is complete you will be taken back to the redeem Roblox cards page.

Underneath the enter pin code field, there will be a message saying invalid pin. If you see this you are still on track.

Step 5: Navigate to the buy Robux page

When you see the invalid pin message, you should proceed to the section where you buy your Robux. Don’t worry, you will not be buying anything. We are still working towards free Robux. Once you are on the page, select your preferred Robux package.

Step 6: Select Redeem Roblox card

By now you have selected the Robux package that you want. Next, you will be transferred to the payment page. Again, you are not buying anything. This is part of the journey to receive free Robux.

You should see a page that allows you to select the card type you want to purchase with. Scroll down and select “Redeem Roblex Card” then click continue to proceed.

Step 7: The Final Step

If you have followed steps 1 through six, you are almost ready to enjoy your free Robux. On the page, look for a field asking you to enter a pin. Enter the same code that we used in step 1 and step 4.

If everything is in order, your Roblox credit will read $0.00 and the value of the package you selected will have a minus sign in front. Therefore, your balance should be in red. Click the green redeem button, and follow the verification steps.

A message will appear under the input field which reads, “invalid pin”. Once again this is perfectly fine and you are on track. Finally, refresh your page and look at your Robux Credit increase.

This process does require several steps but it is an excellent Roblox hack for Robux.

Complete Surveys, Watch Videos and Download Apps for Robux

This is the safest, most legitimate way to increase your Robux. A select few sites offer you free Robux if you complete surveys, download apps or watch videos.

To get started you need to sign up to one of these sites using your Roblox username. Whenever you complete a survey, download an app or watch a video you will be rewarded with points.

When you need some Robux to keep enjoying the Roblox platform, simply cash out your points. These points will be exchanged into Robux and credited to your account.

If you are already completing surveys to receive more Robux why not join one of the many Discord communities? They also offer daily giveaways where you are able to win more free Robux.

What can I do with Robux

Robux Coin

You have now mastered the Roblox hack, which will ensure that your Robux account never dries up. The question that comes next is, what can I use my free earned Robux on?

Roblox has a virtual community of over 100 million monthly users on the platform. The platform allows for multiplayer and online game creation.

Your Robux buys you a customized kit for your characters and special abilities which can be employed during intense multiplayer battles.

There are several Roblox hacks for Robux available to you. Make sure that you act with caution when hunting for free Robux. Whilst there are many gamers and developers out there who want to have fun, some have ulterior motives.

That is why completing surveys, downloading apps and watching videos is our preferred method in which to get free Robux for Roblox.

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